About BeingDoingTarot

BeingDoing Tarot Author

Hi, i’m Simon and you’re very welcome to BeingDoing Tarot, a place where I freely share all my tarot knowledge and experience.

About Me

I’ve been reading the tarot since 2004 and use it to help myself and others understand the issues we face in our day-to-day lives and what is likely coming next. Through this insight we are empowered to exercise our free will and take action.

I use the skills from my therapist background in my readings to provide you with truly person centered tarot guidance to help you move forwards.

How Tarot Works

Through experience I have discovered that tarot works on different levels, both metaphysical and by means explainable via our understanding of the mind.

On a metaphysical level the tarot reader can tap into the energies of the querent and read those energies in the cards. This cannot be explained by current science but is an undeniable experience.

Aim of BeingDoingTarot

If you are completely new to tarot and want to know where to start, begin here.

Already on your tarot journey? Want to improve your readings? Great! In-depth guidance starts here.

Want a tarot reading for practical guidance and advice? Here is where you want to be.