I’m Simon. By profession I am an occupational therapist where I work with people experiencing challenges to engaging in their daily activities. Through this work I have gained considerable experience and insight into helping people in difficult circumstances in an empathetic, sensitive manner.

I have been reading and studying various systems of tarot since 2004. I use the tarot both for personal reflection, insight and help with decision making and also to read for other people to help them understand their issues and suggest options to move forwards.

Through combining experience of therapeutic interaction with people dealing with challenges and my many years of tarot reading and knowledge, I provide practical tarot readings that directly relate to your situation.

I am not psychic and I am not a fortune teller. I do not use tarot as part of my therapeutic interventions. However, I am skilled at using the tarot. The tarot has demonstrated to me over many years how beneficial it can be and I wish to share this benefit with you.

Anyone can gain the benefit of using the tarot if they wish to. I am not psychic but managed to learn to access the tarot as a mirror to reflect what is, what was and what could be if things do not change. You can learn this too and I want to use my blog, The Tarot Handbook, to help dismiss superstitions around tarot and demonstrate how you can do practical tarot readings for yourselves.