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A Warm Welcome!

Hi there!

Here’s where I offer practical, guidance focused, tarot readings that allow you to see what’s coming and take action. I think of tarot as enabling creative thinking around situations and challenges. This means that tarot helps us understand things (including the way forward) in a way that rational logical thinking cannot. And this is the magick of tarot.

What do I mean by ‘practical’ readings? I don’t use the word practical to mean just dealing with the here-and-now things (although the ‘here and now’ is included). Practical tarot readings can also involve dealing with everyday issues in accordance with our spiritual and moral standing. So, a practical reading can also include looking at the spiritual side of things as it relates to an everyday issue. For example, a tarot question could be ‘How can I resolve this issue in a manner that satisfies my higher self?’

For me, the tarot is (almost) a therapist in 78 cards, aiding me – and you – to see what is going on and the influences involved. When we know what is truly happening then we have all the information we need to take action. This action can be to either change the situation if it’s undesirable or encourage progress towards our desired outcome.

As an occupational therapist I am motivated by the knowledge that I improve people’s quality of life. This same motivation is what drives me to read tarot for others as well as myself. Tarot can help you understand your issue and move on in a positive manner; resolving your issues and questions does lead to a better quality of life.

What I’m Not Offering

I do not claim to be psychic. Contrary to popular belief or what you may have heard, it is not possible to accurately foretell the future. However, the tarot can be used to predict potential outcomes assuming current conditions continue. But, and it’s a big BUT, we all have free will and we can change our futures – the future is not fixed!

What does all that mean? It means I do not do fortune telling. Instead I use tarot to actually try to help clarify issues and suggest a way forward rather than simply try to predict your fortune. What’s better, someone telling you ‘your future sucks’ or someone helping you think about how you could improve things? Am I right?


The readings I provide all include suggested advice on the next step to take with your issue. I either select an appropriate tarot spread or custom create a spread to exactly answer your question.

When you have paid for your reading, please email me your question at beingdoingtarot@gmail.com along with as much information as you can about your issue. This will help me provide the most useful reading I can for you.

What you will receive

At this time I am doing audio and email readings. When emailing your question please indicate whether you want audio or an email reading.

For the audio readings you will receive a link to the audio file which you can access. Choose beingdoingtarot@gmail.com as the source. You will also receive a PDF containing a picture of the cards. I will provide a similar level of detail as the email reading.

For the email reading option you’ll receive a detailed written reading on PDF which includes a photo of the actual spread. I will detail what each card means within the context of the spread along with an overall summary of the reading. The summary will include some form of suggested guidance for future action. This reading will be emailed to you using the email address used to send me your question.

I aim to provide the readings within 3 days of confirmation of payment and your question, excluding Sundays. For example, if you pay for your reading on Monday, you should receive your reading by Thursday. If you pay for your reading on Saturday, you should receive your reading by Wednesday (excluding Sunday.)


Please make sure you read my Ethics & Policies page before paying for a reading.

Small Reading £25

Londong Tarot Reader 3 Card Reading

3 Spread Positions. The Small Reading includes clarifier cards if required for extra information. So the reading may have more than 3 cards.

Using numerology, I also find the major arcana card that provides the overall message of the reading.

The Small Reading is suitable for Yes/No questions but I also provide guidance as to how to avoid a no answer or how to progress towards the yes answer. Remember, you need to take action to make things happen (or avoid negative outcomes)!

medium reading £35

London Tarot Reader 4-7 Card Reading

4 – 7 Spread Positions. The Medium Reading includes clarifier cards where necessary for extra information so the reading may have more than 7 cards.

The Medium Reading provides more information than the Small Reading. By using more cards, the reading allows for a deeper exploration of your question and, therefore, a richer and more meaningful answer.

large reading £40

London Tarot Reader 8+ Card Reading

8 + Spread Positions. The Large Reading, as with the other readings, includes clarifier cards where necessary to provide additional information.

The Large Reading allows for the most in depth look at your issues and is suggested if you want a detailed overview of the situation. The Large Reading is also best suited for ‘general’ readings.

The Large Reading may include classic and proven spreads such as the 10 card Celtic Cross and the 15 card Golden Dawn spread.

Card Pairs Reading £30

London Tarot Reader Card Pairs Reading

3 Spread Positions. The Card Pairs reading uses 2 cards per spread position instead of just 1. This has the advantage of providing nuance to readings that using just 1 card per position, even with clarifying cards, cannot.

As with the Small Reading, I use numerology to determine the major arcana card which gives the overall meaning of the reading.

The Card Pairs reading provides a deeper reading than the Small Reading but not as much detail as the Medium or Large Readings. For more on Card Pairs, see this post.


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